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FAQ: Wedding Photographer Post Production and Color Correction::Karma Albums


Introductory Questions

How do i get started

to get started, Please create an account with us on Register Now page.

what can do with a Karma Albums Account

With Karma Albums account you will be able to Place New Orders, Check Status on the Order, Upload images, Make Payment and also view your FTP information.

Color Correction Questions

what does Color Correction processing include?

Color Correction services includes Raw to JPEG conversion, Adjustment of brightness / contrast / color, Cropping and straightening, Sharpening or noise reduction, Application of your Lightroom presets, Black and white conversion or copies, Lightroom catalog, XMP files, and/or JPEG files for finished product .

How do I prepare my files to send?

For Color Correction orders, we highly recommend using Smart Previews. Smart Previews are a feature of Lightroom 5, and they enable you to upload large orders in a fraction of the time it would take to upload RAW or JPEG files. You can also send the Raw files if you want.

Do you have FTP for sending the files

Yes, we do provide FTP. to get the FTP details please Log in to your Karma Albums account and navigate to FTP details on the left panel.

Can I share some example edits with my editor?

Yes, we encourage you to share examples of your own processing.

Album Design Questions

What Album Companies you can Design for?

We can design albums for almost all the companies in the world. We already have the design specifications for most of the Album Companies.

How much do you charge?

Karma Albums is reserved only for Album companies and Professional photographers. Submit an inquiry form and we'll send you the necessary pricing details.

How many Images are recommended for an 30 side albums?

We recommend 1 to 3 images per side. so an 30 side album we recommend 70-90 images.

Can I submit more images and have your designers pick the images for me?

Yes, but it is advisable to put them in folder such as "must have" and "optional" so that we are aware not to miss any important images.

What file format do you accept?

We accept the high resolution JPEG files.

How do I upload the images?

you have two ways to upload images

1. log into your account, create an order or open any existing order and click on the Upload button to upload the images.

2. Log in to your FTP account with the FTP credential provided by us. Select the appropriate order id and select the Upload folder to upload the files.(for uploading files through ftp, please fill the Online Order form first so that it creates an Unique Order ID and them log into your FTP account to upload the images to upload folder of respective Order ID)

Do you provide support on FTP Usage?

Yes, if you have any problem in using FTP. Call us and we will help you.

How long does it take to complete the Design?

your designs will be ready within 3 days of time

How much payment do I need to make to get a design started?

we charge for 50% of the design fee to start your design. The remaining balance is charged once you approve the design

How many revisions are allowed for my Design?

All the designing services come with unlimited revisions.

In what format will I receive the final layouts?

You will receive the high resolution JPEG files. You can also request for layered PSD files.

Is there any additional charge for Cover Designs?

No there is no additional charge for cover designing.

Will I receive sides or full spreads?

You can choose either sides or full spreads.

Do you use text on layout?

Yes, if you provide we can also use text in the layouts

Do you design anything else besides weddings?

Yes, we can design literally any types of album or books: engagements, signature books, portraits, boudoirs, baby books, etc

Will my clients know someone else designed their album?

No. The design preview link will have your logo, and the URL address used will not allow your clients to trace it to us. We never contact your clients directly.

Additional Questions

Do you have any other additional; question?

Feel free to contact us on our Contact Us page.

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